Act for Your Rights

I believe we can have a progressive, transparent and fair government for New South Wales that creates policy based in respect for human rights, environmental sustainability and social justice.

These are the values that have guided me in my practice as a Social Worker with LGBTIQ+ young people, as an advocate for human rights and marriage equality, and in my governance positions on not-for-profit community boards.  These are the values that I bring as a progressive independent candidate for the Legislative Council.

A democratic society places a premium on the scrutiny of the powerful and those entrusted with extra-ordinary powers. I will ensure that all policy and legislation is subject to critical review to ensure it aligns with human rights, is environmentally sustainable and is socially just in its aims and outcomes.

I will advocate for progressive change that works towards a co-operative, compassionate and inclusive community. In the 2019 State Election I will be particularly campaigning on the issues of police accountability and a Human Rights Act for New South Wales.